The Great Goat Race

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On Sunday, an annual race between two rivals took place. One might be thinking of the Oxford versus Cambridge Boat Race, but no. It was the Oxford versus Cambridge Goat Race.

Last Sunday afternoon was filled with goat related activities, goat puns, and goats too, of course. The Spitalfields City Farm hosted the 9th annual Oxford and Cambridge Goat Race. The winning goat was Cambridge this year with a time of  1 minute and 11 seconds.

The race’s name is a play off of the annual Oxford versus Cambridge Boat Race that takes place every year along the River Thames. The race is used as a fundraiser for the small farm located in East London. This year, tickets were sold out a few days before the race. All of the money raised goes back to the farm and animals there.

Starting at noon on Sunday, there was music, food, and plenty of goat related activities for people of all ages to participate in. Some of the activities included were:

  • Goatee Knitting, where a few people competed to see who could knit the best goatee in a small amount of time;
  • The Goatry Slam, where anyone could compete to come up with the best goat related poem;
  • Vincent Van-Goat, where anybody could test their artistic skills by drawing their very own goat;
  • Goat-e-oke, where in place of classic karaoke, contestants had to bleat out the song instead of singing the actual words.

During the time before the race, there was time to explore the small farm in the midst of East London. Along with the goats, there were also sheep, donkeys, pigs and birds that people could interact with. There were also gardens with fresh fruits and vegetables that volunteers of the farm grew.


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