The London Cupcake Test

If you have ever wanted to know what the best cupcake in London is, then this article is for you.

My friends, Lexa and Kassie, helped me out on my adventure to test a few different cupcakes. To keep it consistent, we only tasted vanilla cupcakes from each bakery. The three bakeries involved were Hummingbird Bakery, Lola’s Cupcakes, and Primrose Bakery. The most well-known cupcake here in London has to be Lola’s, so we couldn’t miss testing it out against the others.

Lola’s Cupcakes

They didn’t have any normal sized vanilla cupcakes, so we went with the tiny cupcakes.

Tiny Cupcakes: £1.75 ($2.19) / Regular Cupcakes: £3.00-3.25 ($3.75-4.06)

Natalie: They were adorable, bite-sized cupcakes. Before tasting it, I smelled the cupcake. It was incredibly sweet smelling, almost overwhelming. It also had a lot of frosting for such a little piece of cake, although some people like the frosting rather than the cake. The cake was the best part. Not too dry and also tasted nice. For the price, it could have been a little better. Rating: 6/10

Lexa: It smelled like heavenly sweetness. Lots of frosting on top. It tasted like a sugar cookie. The cupcake itself was aesthetically pleasing. The frosting overwhelmed the taste of the cake though. Rating: 7/10

Kassie: It smelled very sweet. It also had too much frosting on top. The frosting itself tasted more like icing and very buttery. The cake was a little dry and didn’t have much flavour. It didn’t really taste like a “cupcake.” Rating: 7/10

Hummingbird Bakery

Cupcakes: £1.50-3.00 ($1.87-3.75)

Natalie: It was a simply decorated cupcake, the pastel frosting and sprinkles were cute though. The frosting was really dry on top and there was lots of it. The cake was dense and sort of heavy. It didn’t have much flavour besides the overly sweet frosting. The box was cute though, so I’ll give it that. Rating: 5/10

Lexa: These were cute cupcakes! The frosting tasted like butter. The actual cake was okay, but tasted like plastic. Rating: 6/10

Kassie: The box was difficult to open, but cute. The cupcake was cute and simple looking. It smelled sweet. The frosting was too buttery and was hard. The cake was sort of dense, almost muffin-like in texture. I wasn’t really impressed. Rating: 4/10

Primrose Bakery

Cupcakes: £2.45-3.50 ($3.07-4.38)

Natalie: Just taking the cupcake out of the box, I could already tell it was incredibly dense. The frosting wasn’t as hard as the last two, but still pretty sweet. The decorations were cute and colourful. The cake didn’t have a taste to it. After one bite, I didn’t really want more of it. Rating: 4/10

Lexa: I liked the design of these cupcakes the best. They were heavy little guys. They taste a bit stale and there wasn’t much flavour to the cake. I really enjoyed the taste of the frosting. Overall, just no. Rating: 5/10

Kassie: They were decorated with bright colours. These ones were smaller than the last two. I liked the flower decoration on top and the sprinkles. The cake was heavy and dense, almost like angel food cake. I didn’t like the taste of the frosting that much, it wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t good. The cake tasted good, but it was kind of dry. Rating: 6/10


Natalie: My winner is Lola’s Cupcakes, because I enjoyed the actual cake the best, but overall I wasn’t too impressed with any of them. Normally cupcakes make me happy, but I was just sad after all of these.

Lexa: These cupcakes made me sad because I expected them to be moist and flavourful. I will now be on the lookout for better cupcakes because this tasting session has been a disappointing time.

Kassie: I don’t feel like Lola’s Cupcakes is a winner. No one deserves to win here today. Overall, they were nothing special and I was let down. I can’t wait for American cupcakes again.

For anyone looking to test these out for themselves, here is a map of some of the bakery’s locations throughout London.


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