My Weekend in Berlin

This past weekend, I spent Saturday and Sunday exploring the city of Berlin, Germany. Two short days were definitely not enough time to discover all of the history and sites in this major city.

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I arrived in Berlin around ten o’clock Saturday morning. After getting off the flight and through customs, I had to figure out how I was getting to my destination. Figuring out how to get from Point A to Point B in a country with a language barrier can be a little bit of a challenge, especially when running on just a few hours of sleep and you’re by yourself. From purchasing a train ticket, getting it validated, to managing to hop on the right train, it was an interesting experience.

My first stop of sight-seeing for the weekend was Museum Island. It is a small island in the middle of the River Spree that houses five different museums. It was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. I only got the chance to visit Neues Museum since the museums closed early on Saturday, but it was well worth it. The museum contains a large collection of artifacts from Ancient Egypt and smaller collections of other ancient artifacts.

Saturday night, my step-dad and I visited a few prominent sites around Berlin just to get an idea of what was around and what I might want to explore further. One of the most interesting places we visited that night was the exhibition called the Topography of Terror. It had photos, documents, and immense details about what happened during World War II. We ended our night with a German dinner that was delicious. If you visit, I’d recommend Maximilian’s and the meatballs they serve there.

Posing with the lederhosen-clad Maximilian’s mascot

Sunday morning I did The Famous Insider Walk tour around the city. It is a four hour walking tour that takes you to most of the prominent sites in Berlin. It hit all of the popular sites such as Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin Wall, and Brandenburg Gate, plus so many more interesting places. The guide was very knowledgable about every single site that we visited and kept it entertaining the entire time.

One of my favorite things I discovered in Berlin is Ampelmann. He is a little character that was created to help kids learn when and when not to cross the street. He’s featured on many of the crosswalk lights through the city. There’s also plenty of stores dedicated to the cute character. I ended up picking this up from one of the Ampelmann souvenir shops before I left.

Ampelmann Bookend

It was a fantastic weekend in Berlin and I had a great time exploring one of the places that has played such a big part in the world’s history.


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